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Save the Date!


I can now reveal our save the dates! Of course, they were designed by yours truly, and because of Brandall Atkinson, our photographer, it couldn't have been easier. I also created our wedding website, which is constantly being updated from hotel blocks to registries, if you’d like to check it out:

The real focus of my attention has been the formal wedding invitations. I’m not telling anything yet, except that I can’t wait to show them!!

These past few weeks have been so nice. I’ve been asked to work more for Vaughn Design because we’re super busy, yay! Jeremy and I have to really think back to when we could leisurely get to work at 10am -- he starts working at 7am now. For Britton Yerger Design, April is going to be a cram, blitz of work! Jeremy and I have an engagement party on the 10th then the arts festival marathon:

April 18th : Starkville’s Cotton District Arts Festival

April 25th : Oxford’s Double Decker Arts Festival -- Booth 107 (Beside Square Books)

May 2nd : The Gardens of Madison County

Jeremy got me a beautiful, new white tent for all my upcoming events!

I will have a booth at each of those events and couldn't be more thrilled to have been accepted. The Cotton District will be a totally new experience for me - I’ve never even been! I've been to the Gardens of Madison County, in fact my grandmother started the event.

So much to do and only two weeks till it all hits!

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