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Oil Painting Child Portraits

From a gift to an eventual family heirloom, let me help you capture a memory that will be a part of your family forever with an oil painting of your child or grandchild.

I will create the centerpiece of your home with a painting of the centerpiece

of your heart! 

"There are only two worthwhile things to leave behind when you depart this world of ours: children and art." - Stephen Sondheim


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The creation of a portrait is a meaningful experience for both the artist and client. I strive to make this process as easy and convenient as possible.

The portrait process begins with a meeting between the client and myself to talk about the overall view and idea for the portrait. This can take place over the phone, email, skype, or in person.

Following discussion of the overall vision for the portrait, my photography services can be utilized (additional fees will be added to total of the portrait) or high resolution, professional photography will be supplied by client. For your portrait to be the best it can be, I cannot reference low quality photo images - it's for your, the client's, sake.

A deposit of half of the total portrait price is required to confirm an accepted commission and commence the portrait process. This deposit is nonrefundable. The remainder of the balance is due upon approval of the finished portrait and for it's delivery.

I will send in progress pictures to ensure the original vision for the portrait is maintained. The client can expect the portrait be completed generally within one to three months of receiving deposit and reference photos. Limited slots from October to December, please book ahead. Christmas gift cards are available, where prepaid portraits will be delivered after Christmas.

Shipping expenses are additional.

Sizes & Pricing


* Only head and shoulders for this size.

* 8x10" Canvas -  $800.00
* 9x12" Canvas - $1,000.00
* 11x14" Canvas - $1,500.00
12x16" Canvas - $1,875.00
16x20" Canvas - $2,875.00
The remaining half is due to receive your completed portrait
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Book your oil portrait by placing your deposit now starting at $400!

Also upload your child's reference photo below if ready.

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