Pastel Child Portraits

"There are only two worthwhile things to leave behind when you depart this world of ours: children and art."

- Stephen Sondheim

Portrait Details:

The total price of one 11x14" portrait is $450 with the first $225 due to secure your booking and the remaining $225 balance due upon completion.

NEW SIZE: 18x24" for 3/4th body, individual child portrait is $899 ($449.50 deposit to book and $449.50 final payment upon completion).

Another available option for my 18x24", with a maximum of 2 children/subjects for $1,500. Half the total, $750, is due to book and remaining $750 due upon completion.

For both options of my 18x24" portraits the background will be painted! Dependent upon the reference photo or personal preference.

You can purchase below in the form, I can send you an online invoice, or I love venmo (@Britton-Vaughn).

These are 11x14" and 18x24" toned-paper portraits, hand-drawn in hard, chalk pastels by me. They are sized for a standard frame so no custom framing is necessary.



In order to begin the work, I also require a photo of the subject that must be approved by me. Please upload in the form below if ready or email at a later date.

If you're local (central MS) I offer my photography services to ensure a beautiful picture which will translate to a gorgeous drawing. I'm so honored and excited to be chosen to draw your children! I will create a piece of art that brings the love and life of your baby to your home as a forever keepsake.

Britton's Art Studio, Child Pastel Portrait, Britton Vaughn
Britton's Art Studio, Child Pastel Portrait Reference Photo, Britton Vaughn

Example of my photography for reference photo:





Pastel Deposit Form

 Book your portrait by placing your deposit now starting at $225!

Also upload your child's reference

photo below if ready.

The remaining half is due to receive your completed portrait

NEW: ADD ONS - Each are placed as a separate order.
Jump in front of other orders & get it sooner (photo req.)

Receive a Digital File for printing reproductions.

Upload Reference Image

Thank you for your order!

All Chalk Pastel Portraits are hand drawn with chalk pastels on toned paper. I work from one photo reference. Can combine or pull colors from other photos but will reference the pose from just one.

Please indicate the Due Date on the form to the left, but please know I'm on a first come first serve basis. I have slots that will be filled but will try to make some magic happen.

All stages of the portraits will be shared with the buyer (and Instagram unless specified). This way, there are no surprises with the final product.

Watch the process of my pastel portraits on my Instagram Story in: WIP Pastels.

Framing Tips:

Pastel Portraits must have a mat to separate the glass from the drawing. 

Nothing should touch the pastels after leaving my studio. They can easily still be smudged and/or ruined if anything touches or lays on top.

Glass protects the artwork from environmental influences: dust, dirt, moisture, fading, and further UV damage. Pastels can smudge or even blow off. It is highly recommended to frame your pastel portrait. Bare in mind, glass can smudge pastels too, so please mat also.

NO mat and/or frame included. Will fit any 11x14" mat & frame.

Photo Tips:

Sending photos later, please email them to:

Tips for a great portrait photograph:

• Please be sure to include the entire head, all of their hair, neck, and top of shoulders.

• Photo should be eye-level with the person in the photograph.

• Please use natural/outdoor lighting.

Please indicate if my photography services will be utilized in the "Additional Info" on the form, price is separate.

ONE CHILD PER 11x14 PORTRAIT (no background)

3 Children MAX for 18x24" Portraits (painted background)