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Introducing My Mini Portraits

My new mini sized portraits are 5x7" and will fit any standard matted frame. For right now, and this size only, I'm open to any age subject and not limited to children.

Since the surface area is smaller, please expect these portraits to be more painterly, expressive, or "looser." I will detail out the eyes, nose, and mouth but other features will show painterly strokes and marks.

I'm wanting this size for play and experiment. We may discuss a fun and unexpected crop of the reference photo, a pop of color, or a unique background treatment.

I often get asked about my size options and they may seem overwhelming. I hope I can help clear that up for you so you can make the best decision for your portrait!

I have 3 sizes: my largest is an 18x24", my standard is 11x14", and I'm now offering a mini size of 5x7".

  • My 18x24" size can hold one child's 3/4ths body or head to mid thigh where hands are included.) It is also the perfect size to hold two children where half or the whole body is included depending on the composition.

  • My 11x14" size is only one child and only their head and shoulders.

  • My 5x7" size is only one person's face and potentially shoulders, depends on reference photo's composition. Any age subject.

Shop all my pastel portraits here!

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