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First Cold

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Royce has his first cold and it has not been fun.

He's been sneezing and has a lot of drainage. He has no fever, thankfully. It's been hard for him to sleep because of all the drainage as well so I feel like the can't fully recover. His nose is so stopped up no matter how much I drip in saline and suction his little red nose. Also because of all the drainage, he's thrown up buckets. My poor baby.

We had tried foods from rice cereal, homemade purees, to solid baby led weening style which is his favorite. We'll slowly reintroduce solids when he starts feeling better. Just giving his little intestines a break.

Last week we tried subbing his big dinner breast milk meal with formula/breast milk (no water). Our pediatrician advised us to add formula to that meal in the hopes of getting him to sleep longer that 2 hours. It honestly hasn't worked as much as I wanted it to. And I've got to say, warming and cleaning bottles is such a pain. It makes me even happier, and thankful, that I decided to breast feed and that Royce was happily able! Since he's gotten sick though, I've cut that out. We're just back to mama's milk to boost antibodies and hopefully knock out this cold.

Still no dairy, gluten, or soy for me! And if anyone keeps up with my So.Lo_in_Carb.onite instagram, I love eggs. I eat two eggs every morning, and sometimes for lunch too! They are the perfect food... and I'm considering giving them up because they are on every list to help your baby with breast milk and reflux. It's drastically reduced but I want it gone for his sake. It also worries me because I think he's too old to still have GERD issues.

For the first time in his little life, he doesn't want to sleep swaddled. We've swaddled with Halo Velcro Sleep Sacks, or, I call Life Savers, every night and nap for 8 and a half months! In the hopes of transitioning from swaddling, because we're getting too big for the largest options... we got the Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit. His first nap to test it out was a disaster. But because he's thrown up, because of drainage all over his easy velcro swaddles, I tried the Merlin's Suit again -- and it worked! No fussing or fighting and he went right to sleep.

We both were finally able to sleep for the first time in 5 days... yay!

No more swaddles a big step that he's made all on his own and shows he's growing up! My heart.

No, he's not sleeping in his crib yet, but we do enjoy our time spent there!

Even though he's sick as a dog, he still is the sweetest, snuggliest, happiest baby!


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