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What's in My Hospital Bag

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Mayyy have a slight obsession with researching what goes in a hospital bag! You would think I should have a good idea, since this is my second time. But there were things we forgot (Jeremy forgot underwear!!) or didn't have because Royce came a month early. Our sweet parents were able to easily bring us whatever we needed but due to covid, no visitors are allowed. I want to be extra prepared: why I'm packing 2 months early.

I've broken down my hospital bag into quite a few bags. Y'all are going to think I've packed for a week...

What I learned from my first birth:

  • During labor, nurses wont let you eat anything solid while you're in the hospital (due to an emergency C-section). Liquids are your friends here and luckily I find few things more soothing than sipping on broth, kinda joking and kinda serious.

  • I had forgotten extra pony tail holders my first round. I always have a pony tail holder on my wrist, but it happened to be the one they stuck the IV in so I couldn't get it off. My mom showed up with one, saving me, but can't make that mistake this time.

  • Highly recommend an eye sleep mask. I labored all night and the room was way to bright for me to actually rest, even though I somehow did sleep the last hour of labor during transition.

  • Oh and there's wrestling belts on my list - no one else needs those. My husband grew up watching and loving WWE so it means something to him to have a men's and women's championship belt to raise to announce the gender of our baby.

Labor and Delivery Bag:

Face Masks


Phone Chargers (extra long)


Camera & charger

Water bottle

Bai and Monster

Chicken Broth - microwavable cup

Air Pods

Laptop and Charger

BlueTooth Speaker

Eye Sleep Mask

Pony Tail Holders

Wrestling Belts

My Overnight Bag:


Ritual Prenatal


Toothbrush & Paste


Shampoo & Conditioner

Dry Shampoo

Blow Dryer & Hair Brush


Button Up Pj's

Nursing Night Gowns

Nursing Bras

Nursing Tanks

Slipper Socks


Going Home Dress

Pillow and Furry Blanket

Post Partum Care:

Nursing Pads

Nursing Butter

Hand Pump

Peri Spray



- will also be using all the hospital has to offer.

Royce's bag -

only in case I go into labor during the day & Jeremy has to be with him for a few hours until our parents arrive (from 2 hours away). We have a baby sitter lined up if he's asleep at night so he can stay in bed and wake to our parents in the morning. Chewy Bars / Snacks


Magnetic Tiles


Watercolor Book

Change of clothes

Backup Pullup

Hubby's Bag:


Change of Clothes




Tooth Brush


Phone & Charger

Monster & Snacks

Baby V2:

Pretty Outfit - Blue, Green, and Pink

Pretty Blanket

Regular Outfit


Nail Clippers



Burp Cloths

Outside of the everyday items, most of what I've picked and packed are "Marked as Purchased" on my registry here:


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