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10 Months Old

Royce is 10 months old and it makes my heart ache but I love seeing him grow and change! He notices more things now and examines the smallest details. I can really see him thinking! He's really starting to talk, using two syllable sounds. "Mama" is still his favorite word. All I hear is "She's so beautiful" and I happily and proudly respond, "Yes, he is!" He's also starting to eat e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g and all the time. We're going to be running out of food at the Vaughn household. He laughs when he's about to nurse because he's so excited and happy. He's slept in his crib this whole month, for the full 12 hours every night. When sitting down, he reaches up for me to be held... I hope I never forget these wonderful little moments and details.

I'm so excited for all the many events we have coming up in April! His baptism on Easter and then his birthday. My sweet baby boy. I finally see myself in his face.


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