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Third Trimester

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

We shot fireworks on the 4th and Royce wasn't scared at all! So proud of my big boy!

Recent News

I've already watched Hamilton on Disney+ 3 times! But in baby news, all is well.


How Far Along

Today - 31 weeks and 3 days (7 months) -- 10 weeks until due date but less than 4 weeks from when Royce was born.



It's been so easy not finding out! I get all kinds of reactions when I tell people who ask, "We don't even know," and "It's a surprise." I have excited women say, "That's exactly what I want to do." or "We did that too!" On the flip side, I do wish people would be more sensitive with their reactions because some people seem horrified. It's completely our decision and I'm not trying to inconvenience anyone. I also know I need a tougher skin though, yay pregnancy hormones.



About since I last updated at 25 weeks, I've had a constant presence of acid reflux. To my disbelief, it has not mattered what I eat or don't eat. I keep thinking I'm going to crack the code: high fat/low carb, low fat/high carb, low fat/low carb/high protein... NOPE. Water and breathing seem to flair it up also...

Because of all this burning, my throat has taken a beating. Aside from Tums and Rolaids, my doctor suggested Mylanta. While it stopped the reflux and immediately helped my very raw throat, it gave me a side effect of running to the restroom every 30 minutes. Bad trade. No more Mylanta for me. Sorry if that's TMI but might help warn anyone who is pregnant and looking for answers to reflux.

I've just started taking a probiotic that's made for pregnancy. It claims to help with reflux and can't give a full report yet. It takes a while to build up a micro-biome.

In experimenting with my diet, I have quickly found out that carbohydrates make my ankles swell. We're talking two pieces of bread or a cup of rice a day = cantaloupe sized ankles. Wonderfully, it's an easy fix to just avoid as it doesn't help my reflux anyway.


Baby Gear

I've been slowly checking off our baby's needs - unbelievable that the vast majority of Royce's things have held up so very nicely. I've updated our registry on Babylist mostly to keep my head on straight and know what we have left to get.

When we meet him or her, I'm going to have so much fun adding clothes to that list! I definitely remember those magnetic gowns and footies being a game changer and we only have two of them, ha!


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