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Star Wars & Harry Potter

On Monday afternoon, September 26, I was told by my new doctor (who I had just met that day) that I was pregnant! I could not have been more excited!!! By my calculations, but I’ll find out for sure when my blood test results come in, I am 5 weeks and 5 days!

That same day, the way I told Jeremy was something I had in mind since we got married. I gave him this cool Star Wars Christmas ornament of a storm trooper helmet, wrapped in blue tissue. And a Harry Potter Christmas ornament of Hedwig, the flying snich, and the sorting hat all hooked together, wrapped in pink tissue. I found a card that said, “Your mischief is magic.” And wrote in side, “I will be a Jedi like my Father… until I get my letter from Hogwarts like my Mother.” He had tears in his eyes of joy and relief (I had gone to my OBGYN out of worry, I was 7 days late and in a lot of pain). He was totally surprised like me but so happy! I say surprised, it wasn't a surprise but it was not expected. We were trying with out really trying so we were prepared but didn't exactly know when.


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