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Smart Sweets

We had the Happiest Halloween! Royce got to trick or treat for the first time and loved every minute. He said "Happy Halloween, trick or treat," and "thank you" to everyone! And sometimes even let out a "rawr!"

I was so happy to have found a stevia sweetened candy to give Royce! He is only 2 and a half so I'm not thrilled to give him strait sugar yet. He really does become a different person: cranky and crazy - just not worth it. Smart Sweets taste EXACTLY like sweetish fish or sour patch kids but the entire bag of Smart Sweets is the sugar equivalent to two of the real thing.

Smart Sweets
He loved them so much, he barely let me set them down for a picture!

Royce loved them and so did I! In no way did this boy feel like he was missing out. Smart Sweets all the way!


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