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Week 15 and off to a great start! Thought I'd introduce this blog, because I've kept it a secret until now. I've got a little Q&A here to recap most of my first trimester (I have blogged individually about the big events if you'd like to read more).

Why did you wait so long to announce?  We waited until I was over 13 weeks along because I'm considered a high risk pregnancy. I have a blood clotting disorder called Factor V (five) that causes my blood to clot more. When a woman is pregnant, she produces double the amount of blood coursing through her body (what the "pregnancy glow" actually is). So with having problems with a normal supply of blood, pregnancy doubled my chance of having a blood clot or a miscarriage. I was supposed to self-administer two shots in my stomach everyday for my pregnancy but it turns out I'm allergic to the medicine (My Experience in Detail). After talking to a highly respected, hematologist, I'm just taking a chewable baby aspirin everyday.

Will you find out the gender?  As I've said in previous posts, we want to wait. It's our last amazing surprise we are given, like Christmas morning for a child. We can't lose, we're going to be happy either way. What's funny though, we've already said no to the blood test that would have told us definitely and today, all of Baby V's "outside parts" are visible. So we'll have to remind the nurse on our next ultra sound not to let us see there! (Read More)

Are you showing yet?  Even though, I'm 15 weeks and 3 days, I don't think I'm showing. My stomach is no longer flat like it has always been, so I notice a difference but I don't think anyone looking at me would think anything. My jeans still fit like normal but are uncomfortable at the top button. I've been using a pony tail holder to loop and hold it close but not too tight, definitely a lifesaving trick!

Side note: The Egg Bowl was right after Thanksgiving and right after we announced! It's my most recent picture at the moment.

How have you been feeling?  Even though I struggled with three weeks (week 6-8) of morning sickness that lasted all day, a cold, and had a hard time feeling energized, I felt extremely blessed and those emotions defeated any negative pregnancy symptom. Entering my second trimester, I'm already getting some stamina and energy back, which was perfect timing because I had a booth a the two day Oxford Holiday Marketplace. It went really well, despite the rain and cold! I want to quickly thank Kirk Thornton, an MRA grad and Vaughn Design intern, for saving us with his truck and helping us move the big pieces. And I especially want to thank Jeremy for not letting me lift a finger, or worry about this show. I could not have done it alone!

Any aversions?  Something new I've noticed is I can't stand the smell of cooking broccoli, asparagus, or spinach, all of which have folate and vitamins that are essential for a growing baby!! If I can stand cooking them, I definitely don't want to eat them. This aversion has taken me by surprise because I would eat these greens almost every day. Raw spinach doesn't bother me though so I'm trying to incorporate it as much as I can to make up for the other two. 

Crazy cravings?  I’ve had practically no cravings. Disappointing, I know, but something that has changed is my ability to say "no" to foods. Like, I used to sit at a restaurant with bread on the table and never touch it. Now, I will eat it. I'm not going out of my way and ordering crazy foods but I can't turn it down if it's right there. With a little cheat here and there I am still on my nutritional, low carb/ketogenic lifestyle and found out the hard way last weekend that I need to stick with it. Jeremy and I went to a Chinese buffet because we were both being bad (he's SO allergic to gluten) and I got my favorite, all horrible, delicious things. That was Sunday and today is Tuesday and I am still paying for it. (Read More About My Lifestyle

How is your skin?  My skin has been clear for the most part, and I haven't changed much of my routine. In the mornings I use a spirulina exfoliant face wash, Burt's Bees Makeup Wipes at night, then a thin layer of organic coconut oil. I have now started putting coconut oil on my tummy in the hopes of preventing permanent stretch marks (I'll probably have them anyway). 

Do you work out?  I'm all about prenatal Youtube workout, pilates, yoga, and zumba videos! They're free, you can pick the times, and you can do them from home! I try to do at least two a week, some kick my butt more than others and I will need a bit longer recovery time. 

Guilty pleasure?  Where most women would be saying some kind of amazing dessert, my guilty pleasure in my first trimester was Bones, the TV show! I watched the entire series, ALL 11 SEASONS and dying for the 12th to come out. I started watching Supernatural last week and it might become my next series. When I was sick and had no energy, it was so nice to have something to take my mind off of it. Don't really know how I watched all those nasty, decaying bodies without gagging but the smell of broccoli sent me to the toilet. 

Will you be sharing your journey here on your blog or on social media?  For a few things yes, but Jeremy and I have decided to keep many things private until after Baby V comes like our name choices (we have one girl name and one boy name picked), the nursery, and a few other special, personal details. This journey has been so incredibly sacred and meaningful to us and we want to make sure we are treasuring every little bit with all our hearts, just the two of us. But we do have a few nursery details nailed down and some other preferences and that makes this so much more real. God has been preparing our hearts for this journey and we are so ready!

Take care, 


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