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Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Obviously, with getting married my name changed. So I went with Britton's Art Studio, to be more broad and to include my oil paintings (and maybe something else I'm working on). I'm visiting LSU and Alabama (maybe Arkansas too) this summer and will start working on their sorority houses soon! I wanted to use more watercolor on my website, and hopefully it's not too much.

I've added a Poll to vote on which college I should paint next! Please add your vote and I will visit the winning college this summer!

I got married to the man of my dreams on June 27th! And had the wedding and reception that couldn't have been more perfect. I promise I'm going to have picutures of my wedding invitations as soon as our photographer emails them -- she did the best job!!! So under the picture of my dad seeing me for the first time, before he walked me down the isle, is a shot of my letterpressed invitation. I wanted it to convey the tone of my wedding before guests even got there. Elegant, classic, traditional, timeless, and still looked like Jeremy and me.

I have a terrible photo from instagram of me stamping our envelopes but just had to showcase the calligraphy!

After our wonderful wedding and reception, we went to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands.


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