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My Mutation

I love doing research and, boy, there’s a lot out there. I’ve been trying to find more, or even some, that pertain to a Factor V pregnancy. I have a clotting disorder (a hereditary gene mutation) that makes me very prone to blood clots, called Factor V (5, five) Leiden. So when I was told I was pregnant, I was also told I will have to self administer two shots of Heparin every day of my pregnancy. I had never given myself a shot and don’t remember when the last time it was that I’ve actually had a shot. My sweet pharmacist, Brent Smith, the owner of Chaney’s, showed me all the steps to take (there’s quite a few) and even gave me my first dose. It’s a short needle that I load with Heparin and stick in my stomach/abs area twice a day, morning and night. Think about injecting cheese with a toothpick, but with a little pain.

I have kept this “mutation” of my blood pretty quiet, in fact, some of my closest friends probably didn’t know this about me. I’m not one to talk about my medical issues, but seeing that there is very little information or sharing about this, I thought I would to maybe help someone going through this too. With morning sickness, swelling, bloating, and other lovely things that go with pregnancy, to have to follow precise steps and give yourself two shots a day on top of that, there’s a lot to handle. Now, I will gladly do this to ensure the baby’s and my safety, this is not to say poor me. But I want to share my experiences and information to help someone with a similar clotting problem or whoever!


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