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Mama's Valentine's Day!

Royce's FIRST WORD was said today! And it couldn't be a greater gift. It's a word I've said since he was born, and a word I took as a challenge. You see, everyone will tell you, all babies always say "Dada" first. Well, I dared to beat that... Not that I don't want him saying Dada, but totally and completely selfishly I wanted my little Jeremy clone to say "Mama" first.

All day long I hear, "He looks nothing like you" or "I only see Jeremy" -- while I'm proud of that SWEET complement, I am the one who birthed him, haha! I just thought I'd try to encourage him to say Mama. This morning it payed off and as Jeremy as a witness, Royce said Mama twice.

You think when you have a baby your heart has felt it all, but hearing him call out my name to me -- my heart. My heart squeezed like I felt when Jeremy knelt on one knee and proposed, like I felt saying "I do" during our vows, and when Royce and I first met.

Royce Vaughn at Heartbreak Coffee

I had a day date with my favorite baby boy, Royce at Heartbreak Coffee this afternoon. They have delicious coffee and such a cool vibe and atmosphere. They usually have the best homemade (gluten free! and vegan) doughnuts but for Valentine's Day they had heart shaped cookies! I can't remember the last time I had a real sugar cookie so I just had to have one. It paired perfectly with my unsweetened almond milk latte. Royce and I hung out and let the rain pass before we strolled back home. Got to love the Valley!

I grilled Jeremy a filet and me a ribeye for dinner and a plethora a sides. Jeremy had mashed potatoes and I had mashed cauliflower then we each had roasted broccolini and baby butter beans.

Homemade Steak Valentine's Dinner

We had macarons cause they naturally gluten free (almond flour) and Jeremy got us Densil's chocolate covered strawberries - our tradition!

This sure will be a Valentine's Day I will never forget!


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