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Madisen Theobald

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Check out the creative styings of Madisen Theobald as she is getting ready for Bid Day!

I met Madisen, though she probably doesn't remember, when she was a freshman in the art department. I was a senior at the time so we didn't overlap much. I reciently came across her website, then, ran into her in person at the UPS store while mailing prints. She was mailing a gift for an instagram winner and it got me thinking!

She took some killer pictures and I couldn't be happier! The world needs more creative, go-getters like her!! Use code: MaddieGreek20 to get 20% OFF at checkout!

I'm going to be at the Canton Flea Market on the 8th! Booth 169, no clue where that is, and going to be offering matts with my prints for the first time! Come by and see me!


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