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My grandfather recently had tendon surgery in his hip... not sure if that wording is correct. He had hip surgery a few months ago, then back surgery because the hip surgery didn't do all it was supposed to do, and just yesterday, he had another surgery!

Today he is up walking around like nothing's happened. He has always encouraged me to be the best person I can be. He is also the person who has inspired me to eat healthy. Late 70's and still kicking!

Today's weather couldn't have been better, it actually felt like spring.

I've done a little work on my garden and planted broccoli and cauliflower. Going to get some squash going soon too.


1. Rich in Vitamin C

2. Improves heart health.

3. Reduces risk of stroke.

4. Prevents cancer.

5. Anti Inflammatory properties

6. Strengthens the immune system.

7. Rich in fiber.

8. Natural detoxifier.

9. Fat free.

10. Low calorie.

11. Low carb.

You can bake it and make it almost like popcorn. I like to boil it, strain, then add cream cheese and cheddar then bake it like mac'n cheese (and then add ranch and beacon!). You can also puree it and make it into "mashed potatoes" just add butter.

It is such a versatile vegetable with so many health benefits!


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