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Halfway There!

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Recent News:  We're in Aspen, Colorado! We arrived yesterday afternoon, and even though I've been here once before, I can't get over how beautiful it is.

How Far Along:  20 weeks (4 and 1/2 months!)

Baby V's Size:  10 inches and 10.5 ounces!! From my app, the size of a paper airplane, a Belgian endive, a palmier cookie, or an axolotl (google it...)  Gender:  We still don't know, in fact, no one does! We haven't run any gender tests, so as of right now, not even my doctor knows. 


  • Gotta Have: Anything with feta, all about some greek salads @So.Lo_in_Carb.onite

  • Keep it Away: Nothing, finally able to enjoy broccoli and asparagus!

Missing:  Wouldn't mind enjoying some red wine while in Aspen, just fits the mood. Symptoms:  Practically none and it's been so wonderful! Feeling that round ligament pain of everything expanding, but so far, it's not too bad. Can't make any sudden, big movements though. While in Aspen, I've been feeling a little altitude sickness, mostly just like the floor is moving beneath me. Thank goodness I'm not nauseous cause this would be a different kind of trip! Drinking a lot of water and hopefully I can get acclimated soon! Size Changes:  My normal jeans were so uncomfortable, the legs and hips fit but definitely not the waist! My mom got me my first pair of maternity jeans and leggings for Christmas, and they're kinda amazing!! I got a couple of maternity shirts, mostly spring tops. I've had a weird time dressing myself lately, I'm in between regular clothes and maternity clothes. She has totally changed the game for me by pre-shopping for me. I'm not a shopper and she will go to stores, scope it out, and decide if it's worth me going. We went together last week and we got white and black jeans and a bunch of long, loose fitting tops because the maternity tops swallow me right now. It's saving me while I'm in this in-between time.

Sleep:  Sleeping so much better lately! Woohoo! Enjoying it while it lasts!

​Baby V's Nursery:  We got my family's bassinet for Christmas, what a fun tradition! It's a beautiful, white wicker basket that Bennett and I were in and my cousins Bailey and Christian. Should be starting on the nursery this month!

Looking forward to:  My next doctors visit, it's the week after we get back! Also, Jeremy and I are excited about our Babymoon, given to me as my Christmas present! More coming with that soon!

Exercise:  Staying motivated to do at least two 35/45 minute youtube workout or pilates video a week. And doing 50 squats a day, working my way to 100, then 150, and so on. On My Mind:  A few days ago, I starting feeling Baby V move!!! I was lying down watching a movie and felt a true, solid, head or butt push up against my tummy!! I've read that placentas move around a bit too and wondered if it's moved over so I can finally feel kicks and things or that could have been one, really strong push!

Traveling all day yesterday, I finally got to sit and relax and Baby V gave me about 10 consecutive kicks on the upper-right side of my uterus. Probably just waking up because I had walked a good bit that day. In fact, I'm being bumped right now as I'm tying this!!  Take Care,


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