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Face to Face

On our second real visit, we got to have another sonogram!!! I've heard that normally, an expectant mother doesn't get this many in the beginning but being a high risk pregnancy they want to keep an eye on him or her.

(Using the pronoun "he" for the sake of convenience, but we wont find out until we meet him or her!) When the image came up, it was as if Baby V knew he was on camera! My baby was jumping, kicking, punching, feeling his own face, twisting side to side, and putting on a show! My first thought was how am I not feeling all of this movement?! My nurse, who was doing the sonogram, explained that even at 12 weeks some women can and some women can't. She went on to say it's usually around 15 when most feel movement. But of course, I'm different. My nurse also pointed out that Baby V's placenta is actually on the wall of my abdomen, acting like a pillow or cushion, so it may be a really long time before I feel anything at all. But no problem, I will happily wait, it will make that first kick even more special.

In the sonogram pictures, you can see Baby V's face, both hands and fingers, and fat tummy!!! And in the second picture, is Baby V's profile and fat tummy haha!


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