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Closing For Christmas

Courthouse Oxford MS

Britton's Art Studio will be closing shop December 19th, Monday, to celebrate and enjoy the holidays. Please get your orders in by Monday, or they will not make it in time for Christmas!

I have lots of pet portraits to show you after they are given on Christmas! Don't want to ruin any surprises!

I will open back up around the 17th because my in-laws are taking Jeremy and I to Aspen after New Years! It's been two years since we went our first time, we were just engaged, and had our own separate bedrooms and bathrooms. A lot has changed! Being pregnant for this trip has me even more excited! As much fun as skiing was, I'm happy to just enjoy hot chocolate, a book, the snow, the FOOD (some of the best I've ever eaten), a heated pool (at proper temperature), and maybe even a spa day!! This kind of trip is exactly my speed for a vacation.

Even though I'm still not showing quite yet, I'm 16 weeks and 3 days, I feel like I should be looking for a one piece swim suit.... we'll see about that.


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