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Big Announcement!

We're expecting Baby V in May!

On Thanksgiving we announced to our grandparents, who will now be great grandparents, we're expecting! We told my Yerger side of the family in person and texted all aunts, uncles, cousins, and close friends then announced on facebook. It was so great to finally share our news, both our parents knew, of course, but it brought a whole new layer to our excitement.


On Monday afternoon, September 26, I was told by my new doctor (who I had just met that day) that I was pregnant! I could not have been more excited!!! By my calculations, but I’ll find out for sure when my blood test results come in, I am 5 weeks and 5 days!

That same day, the way I told Jeremy was something I had in mind since we got married. I gave him this cool Star Wars Christmas ornament of a storm trooper helmet, wrapped in blue tissue. And a Harry Potter Christmas ornament of Hedwig, the flying snich, and the sorting hat all hooked together, wrapped in pink tissue. I found a card that said, “Your mischief is magic.” And wrote in side, “I will be a Jedi like my Father… until I get my letter from Hogwarts like my Mother.” He had tears in his eyes of joy and relief (I had gone to my OBGYN out of worry, I was 7 days late and in a lot of pain). He was totally surprised like me but so happy! I say surprised, it wasn't a surprise but it was not expected. We were trying with out really trying so we were prepared but didn't exactly know when.


I am now 14 weeks and 3 days!!! I have been keeping a journal of big moments, from when I found out, to how I told Jeremy, to dealing with a genetic clotting disorder, and now everything has finally slowed down while I take on my second trimester.

Take care,


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