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Art Crawl and Yappy Hour

The other day I was asked to be a sketcher for Yappy Hour's new event at the Power House that partnered with the Art Crawl. The event took place two nights ago and was a blast! I got to meet fellow artists and dog lovers as they watched me work. The first dogs I sketched were Chinese Crested dogs; they are the hairless ones. The owner was amazingly nice and her children were kind to hold them still while I drew them. But I have to say, I was stressed. I had never drawn a hairless dog, let alone seen one in real life. Dogs with human skin and mohawks. I hate that I didn't snap a picture of my drawing because the owner just loved it. She told me she was framing it and putting it over her daughter's bed that night.

Thanks to the Oxford Citizen, who put me on page 3 this past Sunday, I now have a picture of the owner and the drawing! It turned out better than I would have ever thought.

The dog I'm drawing in the picture from The Oxford Eagle is named Ripley. He was a total sweetheart. He is up for adoption at the Oxford Humane Society and would make any family whole.

If you can see in the background, I brought my beautiful easel, my birthday present last year from Jeremy, and, his birthday present from last year, Gee's portrait. To my surprise, Jeremy showed up with the real Gee and it finished the puzzle for everyone there. I guess seeing the real dog next to the painting made it more real to people that they could have one of their dogs painted. This was such an amazing opportunity on its own then to be featured in the paper is just unreal!


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