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Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Recent News:  Spent Monday night in the hospital and everyone is fine!

   I woke up Monday morning with a hot, swollen, and throbbing place on my leg. It was about halfway between my knee and ankle, on the front, and to the right of my shin (lots of detail, but it actually matters exactly where). I didn't remember being kicked by a horse but it sure felt like I had been. There was no bruise coloration, I hadn't fallen, and nothing hit my leg. I was a little concerned because I knew what that could mean - because of my disorder (Factor V), though I've never had a blood clot before.

   I called my doctor and they told me to come on in. My doctor, Dr Harper, wasn't there but I got to meet Dr Patton - who was such a sweetheart! He listened intently to me while I explained and took one look and poke. Then he then said he was admitting me at Baptist Memorial Hospital across the street. I went over and Jeremy joined me around this time. We met with Dr Morgan, a hematologist, who said I have a superficial clot in my leg.

   After an ultra sound of the back of my leg, in my deep veins, Jeremy left to get us an over night bag. Because they didn't want the clot to move, I was not allowed to get out of bed, except to walk to the bathroom. They had my leg propped up and constantly iced as well. 

   Technology is awesome, we were able to watch our tv shows and make it almost feel like a hotel -- except the fact that every 4 hours they checked on me and Baby V. I probably got 3ish hours of sleep, but Jeremy forgot to grab himself a blanket and pillow (too worried about getting back to me) so he didn't sleep at all that night. We got to go home the next day around 3 o'clock, went to Volta for some real food, then straight home, and went to sleep!

  The conclusion was I had a superficial clot in a small vein, proving that a baby aspirin a day wasn't strong enough to prevent clots and keep Baby V and me safe. Having a superficial clot was the best/safest way to find out that I need something stronger, and I'm so thankful for that little message. I was put on lovenox, two self injected shots in my stomach everyday. Hopefully, after this clot dissipates (could take 2-6 weeks) I will be able to just have one shot a day. Just a side note, these shots burn like nothing I've felt before and leave a blood spot where I've injected and a halo of a bruise. I look like a pregnant leopard... I'm so happy I only have to do these shots for the duration of my pregnancy and two months after delivery. Sure beats 11 full months of shots!

How Far Along:  Today - 22 weeks (Monday - 21 weeks and 1 day)

Baby V's Size:  11 inches and 14 ounces (normally babies at this time weigh between 8-10 ounces)! From my app, the size of an ear of corn, a water bottle, and an American guinea pig. Gender:  No one knows! Tehe! Already buying lots of lush neutrals!


  • Gotta Have: Kinda all about some taco salads right now, and can't get enough of Califa almond milk. It's a great band because it's just a thick/creamy as cow's milk but has double the amount of calcium (great for building Baby V's bones!) @So.Lo_in_Carb.onite

  • Keep it Away: Enjoying all my favorite foods!

Missing:  A piping hot bath. It would be great for this clot and to help me relax but I can't get in a bath over 100 degrees, oh well. Symptoms:  Still no pregnancy symptoms, no acid reflux, no swollen joints, hands or ankles, no cravings, basically feel totally normal. And no lovenox symptoms, yay! Size Changes:  Feel like I'm finally looking pregnant!

Sleep:  Sleeping like a rock these last few days, still feel like I'm catching up from the night at the hospital. I'm not enjoying my new 9 o'clock lovenox alarm though, haha!  ​Baby V's Nursery:  Fixed up Baby V's closet, getting it ready for baby clothes. So excited to paint that room, can't even begin to tell y'all, it's yellow right now (not my favorite). Looking forward to:  Jeremy and I are excited about our Babymoon, given to me as my Christmas present! I'll let y'all know where in two weeks! Exercise:  Slowed down my workouts to help out this clot. Probably going to start walking a couple of times a week in addition to my videos and squats. 

On My Mind:  Still thinking about our doctors visit on Wednesday (yes another one this past week) when we got to see an ultrasound. We looked at each heart atrium and ventricle, both lobes of the brain, kidneys, and count all fingers and toes (none are missing!). He/she even gave us a Hotty Toddy hello by throwing up the Landshark pose! Yes, he/she was probably just sucking on their thumb, but we're still very proud.

Baby V has been really active and giving me lots of kicks, Jeremy has gotten to feel him/her too! I can even see little vibrations on my bare tummy when he/she is really active. A strong little thing already! Take Care,


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