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25 Weeks!

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

These two boys made my Mother's Day so very special 💞 Got to sleep in, online shopped until I dropped, was brought a beautiful and delicious breakfast, and spent the whole day with my two favorites.

20 Weeks Pregnant on Royce's 3rd birthday!
20 Weeks Pregnant on Royce's 3rd birthday!

I am 25 weeks along = almost 6 months! If we're holding to the family tradition, we've got just about 10 weeks to go. Definitely not hoping for that - preparing for it though. 34 weeks (when Royce was born) will hit on August 1st and I plan on having everything I need for Baby V2 before then. Hospital bag packed, food made and frozen, and all baby gear ready to go! My doctors are preparing and advising me this way as well. I have a specialist in Tupelo because of my blood clotting disorder and a regular OBGYN in Oxford. I never got to do the Strep B test because it is done around 36 weeks, so that will be bumped up. Little things like that. More on this in the Factor V section below.



Still haven't found out! Think Jeremy is more curious this round than he was with Royce. He's really wanting to nail down a name - even though we have 3 great ones that are perfect for a boy or a girl. I think we'll just have to really meet him or her to decide the name, really excited about this thought!


Factor V Pregnancy

Still taking Lovenox once everyday and would love to say it gets easier... but it doesn't really. My bare bruised belly will not be in any #pregnancy photos on Instagram. I will probably be switching and trying out Heparin again. When I first took it with Royce, I only took it for about 4 days until I had a reaction. It wasn't a true allergic reaction: my throat didn't close, no hives. But I did experience strange tingling to numbing throughout my left arm that traveled to my face... then, with my doctor's approval, I never took Heparin again. Well, we are going to try it again and probably start it around 32 weeks. It is a much easier drug to deal with when it comes to labor and delivery. It has a shorter life: 6 hours vs 12 of Lovenox. With both of these blood thinners, I'm unable to have an epidural in the amount of time of their lifespan. Buuttttt with Heparin, the nurses can almost "turn it off" and I could then have more options. We'll see how it goes.


Rounding off the Second Trimester

I am so happy I kept up and made notes during my first pregnancy. To be able to go back and reference what and when things happened the first time helps so much. I have been feeling more pressure, stretching, weight, and discomfort than I did the first round (started around 24 weeks).

I also like referencing my size and shape from the pictures! I really popped this time around 22 weeks where it took until 25 weeks to look pregnant my first time. I haven't gained more weight than the first time, just my body was already stretched once and it's easier to stretch back out again.



No fun cravings or anything, go figure. I really don't deprive myself of anything but eat what I need. I will report an new, no fun symptom: heartburn. But it's when I'm not hungry but my stomach is empty. I'm not one to eat all day, but if I don't right now, I'm a fire breathing dragon. Fairly miserable but if I eat a snack size bite, it's gone.



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