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Child Oil Portraits

I am so glad you stopped by!

I'm Britton Vaughn from Water Valley, MS, and I wear many hats: portrait artist, graphic designer, photographer, web designer, wife, and mother of a toddler! My diverse work has been featured throughout the Southeast and can be found in homes, banks, universities, hotels, restaurants, and retail establishments. Even though I love my commercial art, I cherish the idea of providing original fine art for families and strive to provide an affordable option for anyone wanting a family portrait. My commissioned portraits, capturing both children and pets alike, are oil paintings destined to become family heirlooms.

I hope you enjoy your time at my art studio!

From a gift to an eventual family heirloom, let me help you capture a memory that will be a part of your family forever with an oil painting of your child. My past Pet Portraits have been a great way of remembering the fur baby of your home, now I’m broadening my subject by offering paintings of your forever baby.


I will create the centerpiece of your home with a painting of the centerpiece of your heart! 

Using a pen and digital paper, I work with the tiniest of details to capture characteristics from eyelashes, lips, and strands of hair - all of which help define a child's personality to feature in your portrait. I will create a piece of art that brings the love and life of your baby to your home as a forever keepsake.