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Recognized Wix Expert

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Since Wix began in 2006, I've been building websites with their platform. I've been so lucky to get to expand my skills and portfolio with Vaughn Design for a few years now. And I finally decided to get certified as a Wix Expert!

Why Wix?

Wix (similar to WordPress and Squarespace) offers a drag and drop website builder with built in hosting options, domain registration (your .com address), and email hosting all with flexible and affordable plans. Having a one stop shop for these things is incredible enough, but Wix also allows you to manage your website from your phone using the Wix mobile app. That means you can send your newsletter, write a blog post, list new items in your shop, and even connect to Square to sell items in person straight from your website. One. Stop. Shop. To know it is to love it.

I personally design your website on the platform and add your content, photos, and other graphic elements to create a stunning website. When it's time to launch your website live, I will give over your website and account completely to your control. You will choose your hosting plan and any add on features you might like such as a custom email address.

Wix websites are mobile responsive and look great on every platform for viewing, from desktop computers to iPhone to tablets. I have created this website with Wix, along with many others, to see my portfolio click here. It's fast and affordable compared to custom built websites which are often unnecessary for a small business, and can be difficult to self manage and update. Wix's ease of use allows the website owner to be trained to maintain and update their own content after the initial set up and launch by me, which puts you in control of changes and updates. Clients can easily maintain a blog, newsletter, and sell products through a web store and Wix mobile app. I walk you through the process from start to finish and engage you by helping brainstorm how to grow your project and set achievable goals for the future.

I prefer Wix highly over WordPress and Squarespace. I can also help switch your website from another website host/builder over to Wix if you're looking for more control over your online presence.


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