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My husband and I have had a fun filled year! From football games with forever game day date, to a bowl game and new year bash in New Orleans, to celebrating dear friend's weddings and festivities, to singing and dancing on stage with Brad Paisley, to cooking together on Valentines Day at the Viking Cooking class, to throwing down with my parents and aunt and uncle on Spring Break, to moving from Oxford to Water Valley, to many art festivals, then back to our town where we first dressed up and fell in love. Meeting Rick Flair and having him take our picture and send it to Charlotte was just a cherry on top!

With all the fun and memories, Miss was lost when we moved in March. It was the most heartbreaking pain I've felt in a very long time. Jeremy helped me through it and got me the most beautiful kitten I've ever seen for our anniversary.

Jeremy also helped name our new family member from our anniversary date. June is completely different than Miss and I needed that. At first I thought she was timid and shy, but not at all! She is lively, loving, and sleeps between Jeremy and me every night! I will always hold Miss in my heart but this little girl is making her own room!

June is a blue, bicolor ragdoll kitten from a breeder in Pontotoc, MS. Before, I probably would have told you I would never buy from a breeder because there are so many kittens in need in shelters. Two people I personally know went through 3 dogs in two weeks, because each seemed fine walking out of the shelter but died within 3 days. If there was any possibility that scenario could happen to me, I couldn't take that risk. Yes, always adopt and I probably will rescue my next pet, I just needed something easy this round. But if anyone is interested in the sweetest kittens, that breeder has more!!


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