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Pet Pixels

Let me create a Vector Portrait of your pet! With the use of vibrant colors, I will capture the fun and outgoing spirit of your precious animal.

Choose from 12x12'', 11x14'', or 11x17'' prints.

Pet Pixel Portrait

Using a pen and digital paper, I work with the tiniest of details to capture characteristics from whiskers, noses, and fur as well as eyes and tongues - all of which help define a pet's personality and make it look more like them. I take the simple, traditional portrait and create a piece of art that brings the love and life of your fur-baby to your home as a forever keepsake.

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Proofing and Shipping

A vector portrait of your pet printed on pearlized 105 weight ESSE paper, makes the colors printed seem iridescent.
There are thee size options: 12x12'', 11x14'', or 11x17''

Will work from a photograph, any resolution/size will do. Takes a few days to create and would love to be in contact with the buyer.

Photo Tips and Email

Ready with your photo(s)? Please Email:
Tips for a great profile photograph:
• Photo shows the nose, eyes, jawline.

• Please be sure to include the entire head and all of their hair.

• Photo should be eye-level with the pet in the photograph.

• Please take your photo against a light wall or solid background.

You are also welcome to upload your photos at a later date or more convenient time.

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