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Royce is 6 days away from being 10 months old and just now teething! He had one tooth break the gums two nights ago and the second broke through last night. Two baby, bottom teeth are popping up at once! He's been in a bit of pain so I've been giving him some pain reliever every so often. What he's enjoyed the most was frozen berries in these little Munchkin mitts. Cold, firm, and tasty for his gums.

We're still breastfeeding and it's been going really great, he makes it so easy. I hope that he doesn't begin to think of me as a chew toy, that may have to start some early weaning. I pray that wont be the case. I will let y'all know how it goes!


This past weekend we spent a morning at Heartbreak Coffee visiting with our Water Valley neighbors.

If you're lucky and get to Heartbreak in the beginning of the week, you've got to try the doughnuts. The owner makes them by hand over the weekend and are ready to be devoured when the week starts. They are gluten free and vegan! Made with chickpea fluff and apple sauce instead of eggs and almond flour and gluten free flour. They're a real treat and different flavors each week, you will not be disappointed!


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