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Eighth Month

Recent News: Cotton District Arts Festival went over like a breeze. My parents came up around 1pm to take over so we could go to Jeremy's sweet cousin's wedding that night. It was a busy day! We had a great time and Starkville was so welcoming, as always! Now we're revving up for Double Decker in Oxford this Saturday, please help pray it doesn't rain and that I don't go into labor!

How Far Along: Today - 35 weeks and 3 days -- 4 weeks and 4 days until due date!

Baby V's Size: About 19 inches and almost 6 pounds. From my app, the size of a bunch of carrots, a kid's backpack, and a mini-lop rabbit. Gender: We still have no clue! Tehe!


  • Gotta Have: Halo Top chocolate mocha chip ice cream, I guess there are worse things. It is low carb (does have sugar alcohols, eh), 6 grams of carbs for half a cup -- like I said it's not the greatest, but great for a bite! @So.Lo_in_Carb.onite I've had a lot of people ask me about Ketosis during pregnancy for mama and baby, and highly recommend reading this little bit of information: Keto During Pregnancy

  • Keep it Away: Figuring out baking broccoli has totally done the trick. No more aversions to mention!

Missing: Apothic Red, only because Jeremy has been drinking it lately and it smells so good. But I can kiss him and it's almost the same as a sip!

Symptoms: Feeling Braxton Hicks contractions, which I think is kind of exciting! My body is preparing for delivery, after all practice makes perfect! And there's sometimes a little cramping pain that fades in and out, very similar to a light menstrual cramp.

I've just started feeling a very low pressure/pain in my pelvis and when I saw my last ultrasound, it totally explained why: Baby V's head is deep in my pelvis!

I had battled an occasional 3am wakeup of acid reflux where I could have almost vomited. I had inched up to about 35 grams of net carbohydrates and am finding out that 20 grams of carbs is where I need to be so I'm not hacking in the middle of the night. Also, I'm so sad to say that my low carb wraps - 6 net carbs but aren't gluten free - were probably messing me up on those days. My body is constantly shifting and making room for this sweet baby so I don't mind doing a little food adjustments myself. Supposedly though, it's more pregnancy hormone related than diet related (and that my stomach is super smushed by my uterus now), but anything that I can do naturally to help sleep through the night - I'm in.

Other than that, still no "pregnancy symptoms" like: No fatigue, no back or shoulder pain, no leaking breast, no leg pain or restlessness, no raging appetite, no lack of bladder control, no swollen feet, legs, hands, or varicose veins... there's even more fun stuff women experience with pregnancy but I think you get my point.

Size Changes: A little growing pains, but no stretch marks (knock on wood). I do have a tingly/numb horizontal line where my stomach and breast meet. Probably because neither are use to being this new size. I've stopped wearing a bra if I don't have to - working from home helps - because the bottom of my bras hit that line.

Sleep: After adjusting my diet and eating dinner earlier (6pm dinner, 9pm bedtime) I don't have that 3am acid reflux wakeup call.

Baby V's Nursery: After many Memphis trips to Target, online ordering from Amazon, and thank goodness for our baby shower, we now have almost everything we need for Baby V! We're waiting to order the Owlet closer to time, just in case we need to use the 45 day return policy. Haven't gotten a baby video monitor yet, a crib mattress (no rush b/c we have the bassinet), infant tub, and we could always use more diapers. We have slowly but surely chipped away at the monster of a list and I couldn't be happier!

We've even ordered a breast pump through my insurance! I may surprise you here, but I didn't choose the brand everyone knows. I went with Lansinoh's Smart Pump because it has an app that comes with it and records how much liquid is stored -- requires me to think less while on limited sleep.

Looking forward to: Meeting our baby! Exercise: The ladies on my street have hooked me up with all the best workout places in the Valley. Last week I started a Barre at Bozarts Gallery, it was a new exercise for me and I thought it was long poses held, maybe more like pilates. Boy, was I wrong. It kinda kicked my butt. But the entire time I thought to myself "this will prepare me for the marathon of labor."

What was something you couldn't live with out with your newborn? Or what was your favorite thing you got, that you didn't even know you needed? I love advice and would love to hear from you!


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