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Closed for the Holidays!

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Britton Yerger Design is closed for the holidays! Feel free to purchase new prints but they will not arrive until after the new year.

(Orders made before this past Monday will arrive before Christmas)

Since Saturday evening, I've been enjoying my fist real snow. In Mississippi, we only get maybe one snow-day every two or three years, and even then, it doesn't stick.

My fiancé and his family took me to Aspen CO and skied all day yesterday! It was awesome! The lift was the only scary part and it was nothing to get off! I have only fallen twice for my first day, today maybe different. They are wanting me to do a small/easy blue today... we'll see if I'm up for it. Great thing is, I'll have plenty of time to heal in a cast before the wedding! Ha..

After skiing all day, Mary Jo and John surprised us with something really special for dinner. We got a cab and went up and up a mountain then we got to a dead end. We all got out of the car and looked around, there was a 12 person buggy with two Belgian draft horses pulling the way.

We climbed up on to our seats and enjoyed a snowy sleigh ride through the woods to the restaurant. It was the only way to get to Pine Creek Cookhouse this time of year. In fact, they are the only restaurant in the US that chooses not to have the county road plowed for business, what an amazing choice!

The restaurant was decorated for Christmas, and naturally beautiful with a mountain, rustic feel. We had a seat by the fireplace and had a four-course meal!

We left on the same horse and buggy ride but this time the snow was really coming down. I snapped a picture of John but I don't think he'd be too happy about me blogging about his statue face, covered in snow!

I am so blessed and lucky to get to enjoy this experience with my future family. They have fully welcomed me already and we've been having a blast. This is already a trip that I will never forget!

About to hit the slopes again!


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